Dan Winters- Road to Seeing

If you have ever talked to me about photography, then you probably already know that I am a huge,mildly crazy fan of Dan Winters. His style is simple, yet breathtaking. Dan somehow catches these amazing moments with his subjects that are quiet yet speak volumes. Not only is he an amazing photographer but in reading his latest book "Road to Seeing", he is just such a cool guy. 

 The autobiography chronologically goes through his entire career, starting from when he was a young child making short films, to how he went on to create the images of celebrities with elaborate sets.  It's really amazing to me how truly passionate the top photographers are. I think if I have taken anything away from reading this book its that, you should never give up on your dreams, and to find what it is that inspires you so you can harness that and never be uninspired again. For me, I'm still searching for what inspires me but I know what it is I need to find. 

  All in all, I recommend anyone who is a photographer to read this book. There is certainly something that everyone can take away from it. 


Quotes I like from the book:

" Regardless of the assignment, there is always a great picture to be made. Always look for that picture". (pg 35)

"Technique is part of our craft, and it plays an integral role. However, it should not be at the core of our work. Ours should be a pursuit of the soul." (pg 31)